[2021] Which Witch are you? – Fun Types of Witches Quiz

[2021] Which Witch are you? – Fun Types of Witches Quiz
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Have you ever wondered which magical path suits you the most? What is the best way to start learning about witchcraft? Where to start as a beginner witch?

This Types of Witches Quiz is designed to show which magical journey suits you the best. The answers are based on your witchy aesthetic and main interest.

It is a fun way to learn more about yourself and share the results with the world!

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Take this entertaining Types of Witches Quiz to find your witchy path in minutes!

What type of Witch are you?

Have you ever wondered which witchcraft path suits you the best? Take this QUIZ and find out today!

Did you enjoy this Types of Witches Quiz? Leave a comment with your results and let us know if it suits your personality!

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You can also read about more than 30 types of witches in this book:

“What Type of Witch Are You?: A Handbook of Over Thirty Types of Witchcraft for New Witches” – Julie Wilder

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  1. Cherie

    I liked taking the quiz. It said I was a Cosmic Witch. I am interested in the stars and galaxies but I am more interested in crystals and working with them so I think it got it wrong. I am more of an Eclectic Witch.

    1. admin

      This quiz is just for entertainment purposes. I believe that everyone knows deep inside what (unique!) type of witch they are! Also, most modern practitioners are eclectic, and I didn’t include it in the quiz. I’m planning to write more about types of witches in the future to encourage everyone to find their personal witchcraft path.

  2. Mary

    My quiz revealed that I am a green witch which nailed it perfectly! I know this is purely for entertainment purposes, but I enjoyed it and I love reading more about this type of witch and how I can better my understanding. Thank you very much!

    1. admin

      I’m really glad you enjoyed the quiz! 🙂

    1. admin

      I am planning to do a more in-depth article on Types of Witches soon. Stay in touch!

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