Free Grimoire Pages – Your Book of Shadows Inspiration!

Free Grimoire Pages – Your Book of Shadows Inspiration!

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On this page, you can find all the free grimoire pages that I create for Merkaba Study blog posts. These printables would make a great addition to your Book of Shadows, Witch’s Journal, or Spell Book.

You can simply print them out and put them into your Book of Shadows Binder. That will help you to organize your resources better and make a great magic learning folder.

To get your copy, click on the chosen photo and it will take you to a ready to use pdf file!

chai tea magic free book of shadows printable
samhain herbs book of shadows printables merkaba study
moon phases free grimoire printable merkaba study

These free grimoire pages are updated fairly regularly. You can help me decide what topics to cover next by taking part in this quick survey.

The messages that you leave me are heartwarming and I truly appreciate each and every reader’s input!

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Eva Maria Mekraba Study

My name is Eva Maria and I love to create magical content based on my own studies and experience. Merkaba Study is an online grimoire where you can read about crystal healing propertiesspellstarot, and more!

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  1. Alexa

    I’d love to see the moon phases and their significance!

    1. admin

      I’m working on those currently!

  2. Alexa

    Maybe also how to cast a circle for beginners!

  3. tricia

    What to put on the first page…
    Something like… “a curse on anyone who reads this that doesn’t have permission” or s something of that nature

    1. katrina

      ” These words herin are mine alone
      fashioned deep within my bones.
      Each picture, thought, and quote you see
      are all reflections of what is me
      Beware the urge to take this book
      and read it in some private nook
      Because this magick isnt blind
      and I will know you touched whats mine

      My protection spell on the first page of my BOS

      1. Drew

        That’s the same one I used! What a coincidence!

  4. I enjoyed your notes, I read your blog quiet often, thank you for the great content, let me
    know if I have your permission to share this on my facebook page

    1. admin

      Thank you very much for a comment. It would be awesome to see these pages being shared! Could you link to this post or my page in return? 🙂

  5. Marita

    Thanks for the lovely layout

  6. Tracey Thomson

    Thank You for being so caring and thoughtful, to share your knowledge is a wonderful thing, I’m very new at this and I appreciate your time that you give to share and help. Blessings to you x

    1. admin

      Thank you so much for a lovely comment! I am glad I can provide reliable information and content for all my readers 🙂

  7. Dawn Mason

    Something for the front page of the book of shadows but not a curse on anyone that reads it.
    Thank you for this website I am a HP of 25 years Wicca in charge of a whole coven of baby witches. The free pages start them off brilliantly & also ideas for fun projects not associated with Sabbatt or, Esbats.

    1. Nix

      hey dawn! i’m a baby witch looking for a coven! is there a way i can join yours?

  8. Nix

    what’s the difference between new and dark moon?

    1. admin

      Dark Moon (often mistakenly taken as a New Moon) is a phase when the Moon is not visible in the sky. New Moon is the first visible crescent. They have slightly different meanings in magic, that’s why I like to treat them separately. There are articles on these topics in the Moon Magic section.

  9. Nix

    okay, thanks!

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