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My name is Eva Maria and I am so happy
that you stepped upon this enchanted online grimoire!

I’ve been living magick for as long as I remember.

Growing up in the countryside, surrounded by nature,
I developed a special ability
to connect with the subtle world of energy.

By the age of 6, I had few paranormal experiences
that set me for this magical course of life.

Probably, just like you, I was dreaming about a life full of magic.

Exactly the way it was described
in the books about Wizards that I was reading.

And then by the age of 19, I established my life full of freedom,
far away from the society norms.

I was this type of weirdo that wanted to study spirituality and focus my adult life on traveling and Soul Searching.

Now, after more than 7 years of the nomadic lifestyle and Self-discovery, I come to you with my knowledge, wisdom, and experience.

And I really hope that you want to stay
and learn magick together with me!